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Marine- rated wiring Marine systems turn to ballast in a hurry without quality wiring. We used marine-rated amp and speaker wires to connect everything, plus a JL Audio marine amp wiring kit, and a rugged 80-amp circuit breaker to control the LED lighting. See the complete list at crutchfield.com/ wiring See the entire installation online Choosing the gear is one thing, but installing it is something else entirely. Every installation is an education, and this MasterCraft taught us a lot. To see how we did it and what we learned, check out our photo-packed online article. Visit crutchReld.com/JLmarine for more Speakers This boat is just large enough to justify fore and aft speakers, so we chose two pairs of 6" JL Audio MX650s. These rugged speakers sound great, and feature ultra-cool blue LED lighting. MX650-CCX-SG-TLD-B full-range speakers #13691512 $269.99 pair Illustration: dickeveritt.com Receiver There's enough dash depth to install almost any marine receiver in this boat. We went with the FUSION MS-UD650 digital media receiver. It's ideal for performance- oriented boats, with its large controls, a watertight phone storage pocket, built-in Bluetooth capability, and NMEA 2000 compatibility. MS-UD650 receiver #917UD650 $479.99 LED lighting Speaking of light, we added even more by running Wet Sounds LED lights under the gunwales. These ultra- efficient lights run on 12-volt power and are available in blue or multi-color. Blue LEDs #8675MBLU $79.99 47

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