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EXPLORE POPULAR SPEAKER OPTIONS Full-range speakers... Full-range speakers contain all the speaker elements in one basket - typically a woofer for the lows, and a tweeter mounted onto the woofer to produce the highs. Some models will have additional drivers, like midranges or supertweeters. You should choose full-range speakers if you're looking to replace factory speakers with a minimum of muss and fuss. In most cases, you simply remove the old speaker, connect the new speaker with a wiring harness, and mount it. Sensitivity and power-handling Sensitivity measures how much volume a speaker yields from the power applied to it. If you've got a low-powered factory stereo, try to match it with a speaker with a sensitivity rating of 90 dB or more. Less sensitive speakers work better with aftermarket stereos and/or external amplifiers. A similar principle applies to power-handling: a low-powered system doesn't require speakers to handle much power, but a system with external amplifiers needs speakers to be within 75% to 150% of the amps' power output rating. Check out the speaker's maximum RMS power handling (in watts), not the peak, to determine the right fit for your system. 2 3 Materials Woofers need to be stiff yet lightweight, and are typically made of synthetic films like polypropylene. Other materials such as mica can be mixed in for more bass response. Woven fabrics or films coated with metals also fit the bill. Generally, tweeters made of soft materials, like polypropylene, textile blends, or silk will give you sound that's refined and somewhat mellow. For bright and snappy highs, go with hard materials, like metal, ceramics, or graphite. 4 5 ...or components? A typical component system includes separate woofers, tweeters, and external crossovers, all designed to work in concert with one other. The woofers typically go in normal factory speaker locations, while the tweeters mount in a location that provides the best soundstaging (you want it to sound like the band is playing on your dash). The external crossover network sends the proper frequencies to the different drivers, allowing each to operate at peak efficiency. Give your tunes an exciting new edge Polk Audio DXi Series speakers employ a high-tech approach and ideal materials. The shallow 6" models (pictured) thrive in hard-to-fit factory locations. Full-range speakers $89.99 - $149.99 pair Sale $67.49 - $112.49 pair Component systems $199.99 b Sale $149.99 *All Polk DXI car speakers on sale through 2/29/2016. Learn more at crutchReld.com/dxi Innovative design, intense delivery Rockford Fosgate Power Series speakers feature carbon-reinforced, oversized poly cones for strong bass, plus offset mounted tweeters for sonic accuracy. Full-range speakers $89.99 - $149.99 pair Component systems $99.99 - $349.99 Buy a Rockford Fosgate Power Series amplifier, save 25% on Power Series speakers. Offer good through 2/29/16. Call for details. Learn more at crutchReld.com/rfps Exceptional clarity Infinity Reference X Series speakers like these 6" components (pictured) deliver warm, detailed sound. Full-range speakers $89.99 - $179.99 pair Price Break $53.99 - $107.99 pair Components $249.99 b Price Break $149.99 Learn more at crutchReld.com/refx Tweeter design The shape of the tweeter determines how effectively it distributes the high frequencies in your car. The semi-dome design features a small dome nested inside a shallow cone, and is common in full-range speakers. It has a low profile and allows for softer, less rigid materials. Dome tweeters radiate sound more widely, for a larger "sweet spot," but may require more power. Inverted-dome tweeters are highly efficient and can also create a very wide soundstage, though are not found nearly as often. Gi t iti d SAVE 25% * SAVE 25% WHEN YOU BUY AN AMP The unusual inverted-dome tweeter from Focal disperses high frequencies better than a traditional raised dome tweeter, for Rne resolution and exciting dynamics. Focal Performance 165AC Access Series 6" coaxial speakers #091165AC $229.99 Flax is one example of a woven fabric in a woofer. Polypropylene woofers are known for their durability. Exceptional clarity e , Dominic DeVito writes about car audio/video and GPS when he's not sifting through his 10,000-piece music collection. SAVE 40% 49

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