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THIS IS WHAT'S HOT Check on Junior while driving If youve got a newer Garmin portable navigator, the Garmin babyCam lets you see your precious passengers with a quick glance instead of turning your head. It attaches to a headrest post and wirelessly transmits video to your navigator, even at night. You can switch from map view to baby view and back with a fingertip or your voice. The babyCam even reminds you to check for passengers as you exit your vehicle. Garmin babyCAM #150BABYCAM $199.99 Learn more at crutchReld.com/babyCam Back up with Boyo The new Boyo ultra-slim license plate-mounted rear-view camera shows you 175 degrees of whats behind you in vivid HD on a compatible car video receiver or monitor. Low light, lotsa light, it doesnt matter Boyo delivers a color- rich picture you can count on , thanks to its highly sensitive CCD sensor. Plus, youll get a sturdy, zinc metal license plate frame that doesnt draw attention to itself. Two styles let you easily match your cars exterior. Boyo rear-view camera with chrome frame #707V275HD $149.99 Boyo rear-view camera with black frame #707V375HD $149.99 Learn more at crutchReld.com/Boyo Trustworthy protection with fewer false alerts Take GPS defense on the go with the K40 RLS2 radar detector. K40s advanced K-band filter eliminates false alerts from radar signals emitted by other cars OEM lane departure and collision avoidance systems. And built-in GPS lets you mark known enforcement areas, so you can get alerts when you approach those spots in the future. K40 RLS2 radar detector #952RLS2 $399.99 The K40 RD950 radar detector also boasts K40s K-band filter to reduce false alarms, so you wont be distracted by everyday in-car technology. And it gives you ten customizable menu settings to suit your needs. Youll stay informed with voice or tone alerts complemented by an easy-to-read dot matrix display. K40 RD950 radar detector #952RD950 $299.99 DRIVING HELP P eace of mind goes a long way in the car. Thats why we love the growing number of products designed to help drivers out, from tasks like safely backing out of a parking spot, to common-sense goals like keeping speed in check. Theyre especially cool if youd like to get a few more miles out of your car, but want to add some cool new tech. See more of our oerings at crutchReld.com/assistance Sorry, but we cannot ship radar detectors to Virginia or the District of Columbia. Learn more about these detectors at crutchReld.com/K40 8 Free lifetime tech support on everything you buy from us crutchReld.com/tech

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