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4. Streaming made simple Internet-connected amps make jamming out easy. They give you music streaming and app control by connecting to your network. The compact Denon HEOS Amp offers solid power and is much smaller than a traditional amp. Built-in Wi-Fi , Bluetooth , and USB put a huge selection of music at your fingertips. Learn more about HEOS on page 26. Denon HEOS Amp streaming music player #033HEOSAP2 $499.99 Learn more about network-connected amps at crutchReld.com/MultiRoom 2. Power speakers in any room Want music in your kitchen, bedroom, or dining room? Use a two-channel power amp to drive a pair of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Connect sources like a CD player, tuner, or streaming player through rear-panel inputs. This AudioSource amp is a popular choice. It's also great for using with your existing home theater receiver to add additional speakers in a second zone. AudioSource AMP100VS stereo power amplifier #021AMP100V $139.99 Sale $119.99 Valid through 3/11/17 See our full selection of power amps at crutchReld.com/PowerAmps 3. Whole-house ampliRcation Want speakers throughout your home? Use a multi-room amp to save space and make powering your system simple. These amps offer plenty of power for each room without needing a huge stack of two-channel amps. Play the same source through all zones, or play a different source in each one. AudioSource AMP1200VS 12-channel multi-room power amp #021AMP1200 $899.99 Sale $699.99 Valid through 3/11/17 Explore our full selection of whole-house amps at crutchReld.com/MultiZone 2 3 4 Always use in-wall-rated speaker wire for custom-install speakers. It has a heavy-duty, flame-retardant jacket to minimize fire risk. We recommend AudioQuest FLX-16/2 ($39.99/50 feet), shown here with a Klipsch CDT-2800-C II in-ceiling speaker ($275 each). Learn more at crutchfield.com/InWallWiring SAVE UP TO $200 11

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