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I 've been designing and installing home audio systems for years. What I love most is helping my customers have an enjoyable A/V experience. I've put together some system planning and install tips that will help you get the most out of your gear. Not all of these tips will apply to every room, but the more you can optimize, the better your system will sound. Have questions? Get in touch with me by visiting crutchReld.com/norm BY NORM, CRUTCHFIELD ADVISOR Building a home theater? Place your center channel at ear-level Dialogue is easier to hear when your center channel is at ear-level when you're seated. For the best detail, make sure there's at least 4" of space between the top of the center channel and the bottom of your TV. Form an equal-sided triangle with your front speakers You want your left and right speakers to be the same distance from each other as they are from you. This gives you balanced, focused sound at your seat. Install your front in-wall speakers at ear-level when standing, so they can project out fully into the room. This is also the best height for music listening. I recommend installing in-wall and in-ceiling speakers at least 18-24 inches away from an adjacent wall or ceiling for the best performance. PRO TIP #2 PRO TIP #1 5 INSTALL TIPS FROM A PRO IN-WALL & IN-CEILING SPEAKER GUIDE Watch Norm show you how to do it yourself. See the video at crutchReld.com/WallDIY GET THE MOST OUT OF CUSTOM-INSTALL SPEAKERS 12 Have questions? Email us for answers: advisors@crutchReld.com

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