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EMPLOYEE REVIEW BY DUFFY, CRUTCHFIELD ADVISOR STEPPING UP THE SPEAKERS ADDING INFINITY TO A 2016 COROLLA M usic is an important part of my day. I love so many genres: rap and hip-hop, indie pop, country, folk, oldies...the list goes on. So when I bought my 2016 Toyota Corolla, I expected to enjoy every minute of my daily commute with the volume turned up. Instead, the factory sound consistently let me down. Because I was happy with all the features of my factory stereo, I decided to go all out and upgrade the rest of my system installing InRnity speakers, front and rear, powered by an InRnity amp. Did it make dierence? Holy cow yes! Infinity Reference 6 " x9 " 3-way car speakers #108R9623IX $149.99 COMPONENTS OR ALL-IN-ONE (OR BOTH!) Both the component system in the front and the all-in-one 3-way speakers I installed in the rear deck give me a powerful low end experience without compromising the clarity and accuracy of the highs. I especially love how the vocals shine in my music. Thanks, Infinity! Infinity Reference car speakers Prices range from $89.99 - $249.99 and accuracy of the clarity hine in my new car Infinity Reference 6" component system #108R6520CX $199.99 18 Get advice from one of our experts 800-555-8997

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