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IF YOU'VE GOT THE SPACE, GO BIG! I opted for 6 " Infinity Reference components (featuring separate woofers and tweeters) in my front doors because my Corolla already had factory tweeter locations. And I was glad that the Infinity Reference 6"x9" 3-way speakers fit in my rear deck locations. To make the most out of these big speakers, I wanted more power than my factory stereo could provide. The 5-channel Infinity Kappa K5 amp I installed gave me everything I needed, plus power for a sub and some cool features you can read about at the bottom of the page. Wiring the new amp and speakers posed some unique challenges in the Corolla, but that was a small price to pay for amazing sound. The component system far exceeded my expectations, and I didn't realize I could achieve such great sound- staging and imaging in a vehicle. As far as my backseat passengers go, those new 3-ways serve up all the musical details that were missing with my factory speakers. Wondering what helps make Infinity's sound so drastically better? Here are three key ingredients. This Infinity upgrade has made my new Corolla the perfect car." Duy, CrutchReld Advisor ADVANCED TWEETER DESIGN Given the compact cabin of my Corolla, I was worried that the amplified sound of the tweeters would be a little too harsh for my taste, but nope! Infinity's edge-driven dome tweeters are specially designed to deliver exceptionally smooth highs. I love riding down the road now feeling like I'm in the recording studio with the artists I love. SPECIAL "PLUS ONE+" WOOFERS Infinity maximizes the size of their speaker basket so that the woofer cone offers better bass response than comparable speakers. I was really impressed that the lows were so accurate and super-responsive. Now I get all the punch that makes me want to dance in my seat! HIGHLY EFFICIENT IMPEDANCE Infinity makes the most of whatever power is supplied to their speakers thanks to True 4-ohm impedance technology. If you're not using an amp, it's a safe way to draw out extra power from most stereos for satisfying volume when the music moves you to crank the knob. Driven by my Kappa amp, my speakers deliver surprising punch while maintaining the smooth, true highs I wanted. 1 2 3 Check out more from InRnity at crutchReld.com/inRnitycar Get to know Duy at crutchReld.com/Duy ALL THE POWER I NEEDED The Infinity Kappa K5 5-channel amp is the heart of my new system, giving me plenty of power for both sets of speakers and my Infinity Reference 12" subwoofer, which I mounted in a ported box. Infinity also lets me stream music directly to the amp using Bluetooth . I was excited about this because it means I can take advantage of the amps Clari-Fi signal processing and hear my music closer to the way the artist intended. This amps frequency filters on the front and rear channels allow for more efficiency a plus since Im still using my factory receiver. Plus, the bass boost built into the sub channel gives me the extra bass I want to rattle the windows. Excuse me while I go jam out. Infinity Kappa K5 5-channel amplifier #108K5 $599.99 Infinity Reference 12" component subwoofer #108REF120S $129.99 Sound Ordnance 12" ported enclosure #777BB12150 $69.99

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