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Photo courtesy of JR been sitting for a while, and provides positive reinforcement when I take a lap around the building. He can wear it all the time, including swimming and in the shower. He adds: The watch and Garmin Connect app work together so I can share my personal bests on social media. JRs smartwatch got him pretty far, but hes recently embraced a running watch from Garmin. It does a very accurate job of tracking my run routes, and I love seeing my workout data when Im done. JR also Rnds his Garmin motivational: It reminds me to move when it detects Ive Stay Rt, stay connected, and share your progress Garmin's Forerunner 35 GPS running watch boasts a wrist-based heart monitor, giving you the option to run without a chest strap. It also alerts you to incoming texts and calls. It measures your sleep and sets up custom profiles for different activities. Pair it with the free Garmin Connect app on your phone to track your improvements and share them with others. Garmin Forerunner 35 #150FR35L $199.99 Also available in black, frost blue, and white T his time of year can really test ones resolve to get in shape. Between the short days and cold weather, Rnding the proper motivation can be difficult. But Rtness gear can help maintain focus on healthy habits and provide helpful feedback. CrutchReld Advisor JR started a Rtness regimen a couple of years ago, with a goal to run a marathon. He used a smartwatch with GPS tracking to monitor his progress, and over several months we all noticed the fantastic results. JR recently completed the New York City Marathon. BY DOMINIC DEVITO STAY ON TARGET KEEP YOUR FITNESS GOALS IN REACH 20 Get advice from one of our experts 800-555-9507

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