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One tough, versatile light Designed for use on boats and off-road vehicles, this 10" bar sports one row of 5-watt Cree LEDs that really punch through the darkness. The bright white nav light is especially handy for evening docking, but there's also a multicolor mode that works in concert with the LED speakers. Rogue 4 S10-RGB-C #963S10RGCW $239.99 O ur photographer, J, keeps this 20-foot Moomba Outback on Virginia's Smith Mountain Lake. It's a fast, fun boat that gets a lot of weekend use, so a powerful sound system is a must. But so is lighting. It improves safety - and it looks really cool. With that in mind, we put together a marine audio system for the Moomba that combines LED speakers and a rugged light bar with a state-of-the art receiver, powerful amps, and handy remotes. The result is a system that really rocks this boat, day or night. BRIGHT LIGHTS AND BIG SOUND BY JON PAULETTE 22 Get advice from one of our experts 800-555-9507

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