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Jon Paulette knows that the only thing better than owning a boat is a having a coworker who owns a boat. Power and lighting Up on the wake tower, we added a pair of 8" Kicker LED speakers mounted in rugged tower enclosures. This weather-ready combo is made for this kind of boating and sounds awesome. We ran the wiring through the tower, which is challenging, but doable with some patience. Kicker 43KM84LCW #206KM84LC $229.95 pair Kicker 43KMTES8 #206KMTES8W $349.99 pair Shedding light on installing lights The biggest part of this job was figuring out the wiring. It was challenging, but it also kind of fun. Here are some insights from Crutchfield Editor Matt Freeman, who helped with the installation. "For the Kicker tower LEDs, we ran a Wet Sounds 6-conductor wire (#867SPKRGB, $2/foot) up the portside tower leg. It features two wires for the speaker terminals, and four LED wires. We soldered the multicolor LED wires for the speakers and the Rogue 4 light bar together, then liquid-taped them and enclosed them in wire loom. "The light bar's white nav light is activated by cockpit switch. First, we clipped the switch's wire and soldered power and ground extensions. We then ran them through the starboard wake tower leg and into the boat. "For the Kicker LED cabin speakers, we ran a 4-conductor bundle (#867RGB22, $1.15/foot) around the gunwales. At each speaker, we tapped into each of the wires of the bundle and connected the speaker's LED wires. "The LED wires all connect to a Wet Sounds RF-RGB-MC V2 controller (see below) which features a remote for choosing color, mode, and mode speed." Circle of sound We filled the cabin with six 6" marine-rated Kicker LED speakers that sound as good as they look. They fit into existing cavities, so this was the easiest part of the job. White and charcoal grilles are included. Kicker 43KM654LCW #206KM654LC $199.95 Kicker KRC15 #8206KRC15 $99.99 Out-of-sight amps It takes a fair amount of power to run all those speakers, so we mounted a pair of Kicker marine amps (5-channel and 4-channel) on a carpeted board. They're made for marine use, so they'll stand up to high speeds on choppy water. Kicker KXM800.5 #2064KXM8K5 $499.99 Kicker KXM400.4 #2064KXM4K4 $299.99 A hideaway receiver and a handy remote The Kicker KMC20 digital media receiver is ideal for smaller boats. We mounted its "black box" processor near the amps in the portside storage cubby. The waterproof 3" LCD color display has day and night modes for easy viewing. We also added a wired remote for control from the cockpit. J and his crew use the Wet Sounds remote (shown above) to control the light show. With plenty of colors and modes to choose from, it's the life of the party. Kicker KMC20 stereo #206KMC20 $699.99 Kicker KRC15 wired remote #206KRC15 $99.99 Wet Sounds LED controller #867RFRGBMC $99.99

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