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Jon Paulette has very occasionally been "that guy" at a stoplight. But not very often and it was important, he swears. Go hands-free in almost any car Just because that old factory receiver doesn't have Bluetooth doesn't mean you can't go hands-free. Parrot's CK3100 Bluetooth car kit connects to almost any car stereo, often with the help of a vehicle-specific adapter ($20 - $30), so you can take calls through your car's speakers. A small dash-mount LCD screen displays caller info and lets you access your phone's menu functions. Parrot CK3100 #333CK3100B $159.99 See more Bluetooth-ready devices at crutchReld.com/bluetooth Viva voice control Voice control is a big deal these days, and this handy little Sony controller lets you add it to any car. It mounts wherever you like and works with Apple and Android phones. It reads your incoming text and social media updates, and lets you dictate replies using your voice. Sony RM-X7BT #158RMX7BT $79.99 Find what fits your car We have over 25,000 vehicles in our database, so we can help you Rnd the stereos, speakers, and other products that work with your car. Visit us at crutchReld.com/whatRts

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