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DENON HEOS A POPULAR MULTI-ROOM MUSIC SYSTEM TAKES A BIG LEAP BY DEIA Z. M ost of our customers don't just want music in one room. They want it everywhere. A HEOS wireless system is a great option that just got better. HEOS multi-room technology now comes built into select receivers by Denon and Marantz. So what's the big deal about a receiver with multi-room music capabilities? It means you can integrate all of your favorite music sources, wired and wireless, and play them anywhere in your home. Say you have a turntable hooked up to the receiver in your living room. Now you're not stuck doing all your vinyl listening in just one room. You can hear it in any room you choose. Superb surround sound meets whole-home audio This awesome 11-channel receiver from Denon brings you the most immersive video and surround sound available. Flexible connections let you set up your home theater just the way you want it. Built-in HEOS technology makes it part of a wireless multi-room audio system. Denon AVR-X6300H IN-Command home theater receiver #033AVX6300 $2199.99 26 Chat live with one of our experts: crutchReld.com/chat

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