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A D E Curious how all this stuff works together? So were we. So we tried it all out. Turn the page to find out more. Choose your speaker HEOS has speakers to fit any room - from a large living room, to a medium-sized kitchen, to a small bedroom. Plus, check out the HEOS 1 at right for an outdoor option. A. HEOS 7 #033HEOS72B $599.99 B. HEOS 5 #033HEOS52B $399.99 C. HEOS 3 #033HEOS32B $299.99 Hook up your existing speakers The HEOS Amp supplies plenty of power for most bookshelf speakers, and also more efficient tower speakers. The HEOS Link is perfect for adding wireless music streaming to an existing stereo or home theater setup. D. HEOS Amp #033HEOSAP2 $499.99 E. HEOS Link #033HEOLNK2 $349.99 A small speaker you can make portable The HEOS 1 is the smallest speaker in the lineup. But what we really love about it is how you can turn it into a portable speaker with the optional Go Pack. This add-on battery pack for the HEOS 1 lets you take your tunes out on the porch or just about anywhere. F. HEOS 1 #033HEOS12B $199.99 G. HEOS Go Pack #033HS2GPKB $99.99 Whole-home audio at your Rngertips A HEOS wireless music system lets you enjoy all your music anywhere in your home. Play music from your digital library, from online streaming services, or thousands of internet radio stations. And thanks to built-in Bluetooth , you can play audio from any app on your smartphone, too. It's easy to set up, and controlling your system is a breeze with the free HEOS app. B C F G HEOS WHOLE-HOUSE AUDIO 27

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