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H ow do you get a practically unlimited number of audio zones out of an 11-channel receiver? With Denon's AVR-X6300H, one of the Rrst receivers to have HEOS wireless multi-room technology built in. We were REALLY excited about this. So much so, we snatched it up, brought it to one of our demo rooms, and hooked up as much gear as we could to it. For our demo, we maxed it out using all 11 channels. 8 ZONES OF AUDIO! We hooked up a 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos system that's a 9-speaker home theater system, plus a subwoofer - in our main zone, using PSB Imagine X speakers along with upward-firing Atmos add-on modules. We used the remaining two output channels to connect a pair of Polk Atrium 8 SDI outdoor speakers on the deck for a wired zone 2. Then we set up six more zones using HEOS powered speakers, plus a HEOS Amp connected to a pair of ELAC Debut B6 bookshelf speakers. The HEOS speakers were remarkably easy to set up using the HEOS app. We quickly named each speaker in the app, and from there we were able to control music in each zone - including the wired outdoor zone. PUSHING MULTI-ROOM AUDIO TO THE EXTREME WITH HEOS CrutchReld writers Deia Z. and Dave D. are always setting up fun demos to show o new gear. Heres Dave hooking up Dolby Atmos speakers as the Rnishing touch on one of the biggest demos weve ever run. 28 Free lifetime tech support on everything you buy from us.

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