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The do-it-all superstar router NETGEAR thought of everything when they designed the Orbi. It's a powerful router that easily plugs into your modem. Plus, it's paired with an included satellite unit that repeats the signal. Together they offer up to 4,000 square feet of seamless Wi-Fi coverage. There are Ethernet ports for wiring up set-top boxes and other devices, too. And not for nothing, Orbi units look better than the boxy, outdated routers cable companies charge rent for every month. NETGEAR Orbi AC3000 Tri-band Wi-Fi system #941ORBi $399.99 See more routers and extenders at crutchReld.com/networking Traffic Sows better when you have plenty of road If you plan to use lots of wireless devices every day - and really, who doesn't? - consider how many bands (lanes) of traffic you'll need. A dual-band router gives you two lanes, which is a nice stretch of interstate. Tri-band turns you loose on the Autobahn. And if your router can't cover the whole house, that's like abruptly running out of road. The new NETGEAR Orbi system - shown here - conveniently solves both problems. We gave whole-house wireless a tough test Crutchfield editor Jim Ralston and I - both parents of bandwidth-hungry teens - took turns testing the Orbi system in our homes. We were impressed. The router tripled our speed, and cries of "Aaargh! Lag!" dropped to zero. All while the adults were streaming uninterrupted movies and music. G ood news: the glitches you sometimes get when watching NetSix, gaming online, or streaming high-res music Rles may not be the fault of your A/V gear. One device - a powerful wireless router - can improve data streaming performance throughout your home. After all, if you're paying for top-tier speed, you may as well get your money's worth. BY ERIC ANGEVINE Learn more about routers: crutchReld.com/streamstrong IS YOUR ROUTER HOLDING YOU BACK? Eric Angevine believes that a good wireless router is the secret to a happy home. FAST WI-FI IN EVERY ROOM h d i ll 33

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