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Buck Pomerantz has been marrying subs to amps at CrutchReld for over ten years now. 3 4 BS: A GUIDE TO MATCHMAKING Total power handling: 500 watts RMS @ 1 ohm Best power-output match: 375 - 750 watts RMS @ 1 or 4 ohms For a more detailed explanation of how to match amps and subs, go to crutchReld.com/matchsubamp B. I need an amp for my subs Now let's say you have two Memphis Audio Power Reference PRX1044 10" subwoofers - which amp will work with them? Again, we look at RMS power handling and impedance. These two subs each have dual voice coils, 4-ohm impedance, and each is rated for 250 watts RMS. Two DVC 4-ohm subs can get wired as a 4-ohm or a 1-ohm load - the matching amp should be able to achieve optimum performance with either a 4-ohm or a 1-ohm load. Two 250 watts RMS rated subs, 500 watts RMS together, can be safely driven by an amp with between and 1 times that total RMS rating - amp power rating between 375 watts RMS and 750 watts RMS (at 1 or 4 ohms). At crutchReld.com/subamps , we filter for power and impedance capabilities to create a short list of usable amplifiers. The winner? A Memphis Audio PRX500.1 mono amplifier. It's capable of handling a 1-ohm load, and can put out up to 500 watts RMS. Here's the full package: 4. Memphis PRX500.1 mono sub amplifier (500 watts RMS at 1 ohm) #95316PR500 $339.99 3. Memphis PRX1044 Power Reference 10" subwoofers #95315PR104 $119.99 each Sound Ordnance Bass Bunker dual ported enclosure #777BB1021V $79.99 Crutchfield CK8 8-gauge amp power wiring #007CK8 $49.99 Crutchfield 12-gauge speaker wire #007CSW12 $0.99 per foot Free, fast shipping You get free shipping on everything in this catalog. And most orders leave our warehouse the same day. crutchReld.com/shipping

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