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4 Get advice from one of our experts: 1-800-555-8997 This is What's Hot 1 Ready for wireless? Start with Bose If you like music, own a smartphone, and don't yet have a Bluetooth speaker, then consider this an intervention: it's time. This compact speaker from Bose is an excellent place to start. It's water-resistant, fits easily into your already crowded backpack or purse, and delivers sound that just might surprise you. Voice prompts even walk you through the Bluetooth pairing process with your phone. Available in four colors. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II #018SLCR2L $129.99 Check it out online: crutchReld.com/SLColor 2 Cool headphone design, stellar sound Neckband headphones are becoming a popular option for wireless listening from your smartphone. But these Klipsch headphones aren't just about fashion or comfort. The X12s offer a seriously excellent sonic experience. And the only wires are the ones connecting the earpieces to the neckband - the headphones connect wirelessly to your smartphone using Bluetooth. The headphones are also water-resistant, and the neckband vibrates when you get an incoming call. Available in black or chestnut brown. Klipsch X12 Neckband in-ear Bluetooth headphones #714R12NBBL $399.99 Learn more at crutchReld.com/X12 3 Smarter navigation Your smartphone might be able to provide turn-by-turn directions. But this new Garmin portable navigation device does a LOT more. It has a built-in dash cam, which offers some really cool features. It can alert you when it detects a potential forward collision. Drifting out of your lane? It can notify you to get back on track. You can even create easy time-lapse videos of scenic drives. Of course, you also get Garmin's accurate GPS and maps, a 5" touch- screen display, up-to-date traffic info, and easy-to-install mounts for your vehicle. Garmin DriveAssist 51LMT portable navigator with dash cam #150DA51LMT $299.99 Get the full story at crutchReld.com/driveassist 1 2

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