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Je Miller was once that guy constantly cranking up the TVs volume until he got a sound bar. Front-row sound for every seat in the house Klipsch is known for their exciting, immediate sound signature, and that's just what you get here. I've seen the energetic Reference R-10B turn our sprawling, sound-swallowing vendor training room into a lively, intimate space. Four built-in drivers - including the company's famous horn tweeters - deliver clear dialogue and in-your-face special effects. A wireless subwoofer ensures that everyone watching will feel the bass. Klipsch Reference R-10B #714R10B $599.99 Special Purchase $299.99b while supplies last See more at crutchReld.com/KlipschR10B An incredible sound bar... Flexible, great sound, easy to connect." Eddie, Maryland The life of the party Why is the Sonos PLAYBAR our most popular sound bar? This dual threat really shines during get-togethers. You can (A) hear detailed TV sound one second, and (B) quickly flip over to a party playlist the next. The Sonos app puts all your tunes and music services at your fingertips, and gives you full control over other Sonos speakers throughout the house. Hosting movie night? You can even bring in two Sonos speakers from other rooms for wireless surround sound. Sonos PLAYBAR #616PLAYBAR $699 Get all the details at crutchReld.com/PLAYBAR Average: 4 stars based on 24 reviews* Average: 5 stars based on 170 reviews* Average: 4 stars based on 32 reviews* Paired with my TV awlessly and sounds way better than the price indicates." Je, Las Vegas Serious bang for your buck I think the Yamaha YAS-106 might be the best value in sound bars. Don't let the low price and super-slim design fool you - Yamaha's special surround processing gives you the large, riveting sound experience needed for a high-stakes playoff atmosphere. You also get built-in Bluetooth for music and two HDMI inputs that are 4K- and HDR-ready for the newest TVs. Yamaha YAS-106 #022YAS106 $199.99 Check it out at crutchReld.com/Yamaha106 Very easy to hook up, and the bass kicks you- know-what." Jason, San Diego SAVE $300 Earn rewards (and spend 'em) Youll earn rewards points on every order you place with us. Use those points to save money on future purchases. Learn more at crutchReld.com/rewards

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