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EMPLOYEE REVIEWS " "SO WHAT DO YOU HAVE?" OUR ADVISORS ANSWER A COMMON QUESTION ABOUT HOME SPEAKERS W hen customers call us about speakers, they often ask our advisors, "What kind of speakers do you have in your home?" So we decided to ask a few of them ourselves and turn these pages over to them. After all, they've got some great insight based on hours of use. Read on to see which speakers they have and what they think about them. We also included one former advisor - he's got some really great speakers that he's pretty psyched about! Monitor Audio Silver 6 Everything about the Monitor Silver 6 speakers has exceeded my expectations. From the out-of-the-box experience to the build quality to the revealing sound. The sum of it would seem to suggest a higher retail price. These speakers also play quite deep for such relatively small towers. I've got them connected to a good amp so I can get the most from them. Monitor Audio Silver 6 floor-standing speakers #893SLVR6W $749.99 each Clarence, Advisor See our full selection of home speakers at crutchReld.com/speakers 44 Free shipping on everything in this catalog

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