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E ver wonder how our Advisors get their knowledge about car products and how to install them? Simple. We teach them in the classroom, and then they get their hands dirty. In November, our latest class of Advisors got the opportunity to perform audio upgrades on their own vehicles, which provided an excellent learning experience. NEW ADVISORS LEARN THE ROPES BEFORE THEY HELP YOU In-depth training means better help for you All of our Advisors go through this extensive hands-on training to better help you choose the right gear for your ride. And since many car audio products involve some form of installation, we want to be able to explain from experience the work you'll have to do to get your new gear into your vehicle. CAR AUDIO DIY TRAINING BY DAVID DELAMERE Before becoming a writer, David Delamere performed his Rrst of many car audio installations in 1997 when he trained as a CrutchReld Advisor. The newest members of the CrutchReld team: (clockwise from left) Alan, Mick, Laura, Tara, veteran trainer J.R., Jack, Jordan, Zach, and Duy. Find out more about our Advisors at: crutchReld.com/advisors Mick and Jack remove door panels to get at factory speakers. 46 Call us for one-on-one help: 1-800-555-8997

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