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They started totally from scratch Like some of our customers, our new Advisors had no car audio installation experience other than the knowledge they'd gained from their time in the classroom. So they were understandably apprehensive about taking their vehicles apart. But as I talked to them, I could tell they were enthusiastic to see what was involved in getting old gear out and their new gear installed. Multiple vehicles and systems gave them a wide range of experience The new crew spent the better part of three days navigating their way through audio upgrades for five vehicles. The systems ranged from a straightforward stereo installation to a system in clu d ing all new speakers, an amp, and a sub. Many of the vehicles required some intensive work, so the trainees had to use our exclusive MasterSheet instructions, pry out door panels, drill new screw holes for speakers, make brackets for tweeters, and run new wires throughout a couple of vehicles. Our Advisors relied on our tech support, too In addition to the guidance the crew received from J.R., our longtime trainer, they also relied on our Tech Support staff for help with any hurdles they came across. It's the same support you'll get for the life of the products you buy from us. And it was really cool that Crutchfield passers-by dropped in to help with questions that the trainees had. Veteran Crutchfield Advisors, Tech supervisors, and Merchandise Buyers not only asked how things were going, but rolled up their sleeves to teach what they could. All of them had gone through the same training, and wanted to share their passion with our latest colleagues, even if it was to offer some quick advice. After this experience, our newest team members are well equipped to talk DIY with real, hands-on expertise. Check out the next two pages for their thoughts on the process and results. The trainees tackle audio upgrades for an assembly line of vehicles. Laura and Zach work on installing door speakers. Alan and Tara secure speakers to adapter brackets. Jordan assembles a tweeter mount for component speakers. Safety Rrst! Duy gets ready to cut a panel. Visit crutchReld.com/whatRts to Rnd the products that work with your vehicle. Save big on installation gear We offer wiring harnesses and vehicle-specific mounting brackets for car stereos and speakers at deep discounts when you buy your gear from us.

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