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LAURA: "FROM FEAR TO FUN" To be honest, my first thought was "I hope I don't break anything." I learned that I had to be gentle, but not be scared by taking things apart. My Chevy's new system includes a powered sub, a new Sony stereo, and component speakers. The sound is so much cleaner and detailed. I can feel the bass, which is completely new to me. The change was so worth it. JACK: "A REAL EYE-OPENER" I just wanted a simple and effective upgrade to a dull-sounding system. This JVC car stereo gives me that, and better AM/FM radio reception as well. The JVC component speakers improve the overall imaging of my Toyota's soundstage, so now I can rock out. I felt like I was ready, then reality hit: I'm opening up my car. It was intim i - dating. But I'd heard what good stuff sounds like, and I wanted it. While the installation wasn't exactly plug-and-play, my new speakers offer far more clarity than my stock system. Plus, the stereo's ready for a smart phone, when I am. Yeah, I'm a little behind the times, but my new radio isn't. The new car stereo offers preamp output connections for my powered sub, and it pumps up the power for the new JBL component speakers. My new speakers and sub provide big full-range sound for all of my music. Sony MEX-GS810BH CD receiver #158GS810BH $239.99 Price break $199.99 JBL Stage 600C 6" component speakers #109STAGE6C $69.99 Price break $49.99 JBL BassPro SL 8" powered subwoofer #109BASPROS $249.99 JVC KW-R925BTS CD receiver #105KWR925B $169.99 Price break $129.99 JVC CS-DR1700C 6" component speakers #105CSDR700 $99.99 Save 50% on up to two pairs of JVC speakers when you buy them with a select JVC receiver 49

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