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4 A really versatile in-dash stereo JVCs KD-R988BTS in-dash stereo sports a pretty face. But if its true that pretty is as pretty does well, then this stereo is downright beautiful. It packs a ton of features into its 2" tall chassis. There are the dual USB inputs for connecting thumb drives and phones (check out the sweet Pandora and iHeartRadio controls). Built-in Bluetooth connects to two phones at once, so you and your passenger can trade off the jams. And you also get the option of adding satellite radio. Load JVCs Remote App onto your phone, and youll enjoy cool control over the whole shebang. JVC KD-R988BTS CD receiver #105KDR988B $129.99 Learn more at crutchReld.com/988bts 5 Sound that's so, so, so very good Morels reputation for gorgeous sound is well earned and these Maximo 6 components prove it. The treated paper woofers and soft- dome tweeters deliver every note of your music with aplomb, while the crossovers handle frequency distribution with ease, for scintillating stereo imaging and soundstaging. And heres the really neat part: this system is remarkably efficient, so itll sound out- standing whether you drive it with a factory stereo or an external amplifier. Morel Maximo 6 component speaker system #210MAXiM62 $209.99 See it at crutchReld.com/maximo 6 Fixing factory sound Extract high-fidelity sound from your factory stereo with the AudioControl DM-810 digital signal processor its perfect when youre connecting amps to your factory deck. It strips away factory sound processing, then sculpts the sound with astonishing precision. Eight inputs and ten outputs make it right for any size system. AudioControl DM-810 Matrix DSP #161DM810 $699.99 Full details at crutchReld.com/dm810 4 5 6 We'll help you choose Our Virginia call centers are staed with non- commissioned advisors trained to help you Rnd the right gear. Call or chat for expert advice.

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