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2 Home theater with zero footprint In-wall speakers offer lifelike sound without taking up valuable floor space. Having no wires to trip over keeps kids, pets, and gear safe. And paintable grilles let recessed speakers blend in naturally with your dcor. You can mix and match in-wall and in-ceiling speakers together in a surround sound system. These speakers can also complement tower or bookshelf speakers. My in-wall surrounds deliver crystal-clear effects, and perfectly meld with the floor-standing speakers in the front of the room. Amazing overhead sound eects Elevate your home theater experience by installing speakers in your ceiling. These stealthy speakers are perfect for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround setups formats that use overhead speakers to extend your system's soundstage and improve detail. Instead of sound only moving front to back or left to right, it moves up and down, too. Rain storms and helicopters take on added realism. The Klipsch speaker shown here is a great choice for Atmos and DTS:X systems. The added bass response from the 8" driver makes a big difference in performance over smaller speakers. This speaker also has an aimable tweeter to direct sound toward your seating position. 3 Music in the kitchen Do you love listening to music while you cook, eat, and entertain? Free up counter space by installing a pair of in-ceiling speakers in your kitchen. You'll enjoy clear, crisp music that you can control from your phone with the right gear (check out the next page for amplifier options). Only have room for one speaker? Choose a model with stereo inputs - this lets you get full stereo sound from just a single speaker. Klipsch CDT-3800-C II in-ceiling speaker #714C3800C2 $349.99 each Josh Crane is a home theater enthusiast who writes about speakers, home automation, and multi-room audio equipment. 1 60-day return policy We want you to love your gear. If you don't, you can return any complete, like-new product within 60 days. Learn more at crutchReld.com/returns

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