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Jeff Miller, along with all Crutchfield writers, completed extensive classroom training. Record lectures and more Capture audio in class or add high-quality sound to your videos. Connect the Zoom iQ5 stereo microphone to your Apple device's Lightning connector for pro-level recordings. #851iQ5W $99.99 Also available in black at crutchfield.com/iQ5 Progress report Keep track of your pace, step count, and the distance you've traveled around campus. The slim Garmin vivoactive GPS smartwatch measures and records important activity data, and also provides text and call alerts from your paired smartphone. #150ViVACB $249.99 Learn about all the features at crutchfield.com/vivoactive All-nighter recovery kit Phone battery drained from overuse? No outlet in sight? No worries! The mophie powerstation plus backup battery recharges your phone or tablet on the fly. #833PP5000L $99.99 Available with attached Lightning or mini-USB cables at crutchfield.com/powerplus

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