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A nice touch of refined sound Audioengine's A2+ powered desktop speakers fit neatly in small spaces while delivering clear, full-bodied sound. Kevlar woofers thump out tight, punchy bass and mids, while the silk dome tweeters supply open highs. Shown with the optional Audioengine DS1 speaker stands. White #772A2PW Black #772A2PB $249.99 Learn more at crutchfield.com/a2plus Vinyl adds atmosphere Nothing sets the mood quite like the warm sound of analog. Spin some vinyl on the Music Hall USB-1 turntable when you want to rock a small crowd or chill with select company. Connect it to powered speakers like the ones shown here, or to your computer to convert your album collection to digital files like MP3. #823USB1 $249.99 See how it connects to a computer at crutchfield.com/mhusb1 Take the party down the hall Grab your smartphone along with the UE MEGABOOM and you've got a portable music system with big, bass-rich sound. This compact speaker boasts up to 20 hours of battery life and can handle a spilled drink - it's stain-resistant and waterproof. #596UEMGBMR $299.99 Find all the colors at crutchfield.com/megaboom Someti t mes a si s single room ha has to to serve ma any y fun u ct c ions: study hall l , di d ning n roo om, lo ounge e, an a d party headquar a te ers. Ma a M ke sure you' u u've v got the right gear to enjoy o gre eat t a - soundi d ng music in ev ver e ery si ituat tio on. n You u'l ' l live large g with thes se item e s. s Step up the sound in your dorm or apartment Crash course: Check out this turntable/speaker system at crutchfield.com/dormsetup SCHOOL SUPPLIES 14 Free shipping on everything in this catalog

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