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PSB Imagine X2T speakers #760IMNX2T $649.99 each NAD C 356BEE integrated amp #745C356BEE $799.99 See all the gear from this demo at crutchfield.com/SmallAmp Q: Can a small amp power big speakers? Gear demos We usually recommend NAD's compact D 7050 integrated amplifier for use with bookshelf speakers. We wondered how it would fare powering large floor- standing models. So we connected it to the PSB Imagine X2T speakers to find out. The results? Wow, 50 watts per channel goes a long way with these efficient speakers. We were able to fill one of our small listening rooms with lots of detailed, punchy sound, without maxing out the volume. The D 7050 offers impressive digital connectivity, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth . But if it's pure power that you're after, you may want a little more muscle. The larger NAD C 356BEE integrated amp will effortlessly deliver more sound and push tower speakers like the PSB Imagine X2T to perform even better. Our latest listening demo: NAD D 7050 integrated amp #745D7050 $999.99 19

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