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R uss is a senior IT specialist here at Crutchfield - so he's used to high-level computer programming. But when it came to setting up a multi-room audio system in his home, he wanted something that anyone could use - even if they weren't an IT specialist. That's one of the reasons he chose Sonos, as he explained during a tour of his music-filled home. Call it house music When we arrived at Russ's home, we were greeted with music playing throughout the house. Russ had every Sonos speaker playing the same music - a great way to set the mood for a house party (or in this case, a visit from some coworkers). Personal space Russ, his wife, and their two children are a close-knit family, but not always when it comes to music. Each has their own preferred genre - and sometimes they're incompatible. Russ's daughter may love pre-teen pop, but not Russ. With Sonos, his daughter can enjoy her music in the family room, while dad plays something more grown-up in the garage. Lots to listen to With the free Sonos app, Russ can access a world of music and send it wirelessly to any Sonos component in the house. The whole family can choose from thousands of Internet radio stations from around the world; dozens of online music services, such as Pandora and Spotify (Russ's personal favorite); and music stored on the family computer or on any of their smartphones or tablets. SETTLING IN WITH SONOS How one family got a house full of music "The Sonos system is super easy to use - even for the kids. Everyone can listen to their own music in their own space." BY RALPH GRAVES 24 60-day return policy. See crutchfield.com/returns

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