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SPEAKERS The first way to get better sound from your factory stereo begins with new speakers. They tend to offer better power handling, which means you can crank 'em, plus more musical detail and a longer life span, thanks to superior materials and construction. In my case, this step gave me warmer sound, punchier bass, and a loss of the "crackling" I'd so often heard from my factory tweeters when I tried to push them a bit. If this had been the only upgrade I peformed, I'd have been very happy. Find the speakers for your car at crutchReld.com/cs My car features factory tweeter locations, and, fortunately, the Reference tweeters Rt them snugly, ensuring that I get good, high soundstaging. Sweet sounds from InRnity I went with Infinity Reference components in the front doors. Reference speakers are renowned for their high efficiency (a must when driving them with a lower-powered factory stereo), excellent detail, and smooth highs. This last part is especially important, as bright tweeters would sound shrill in my smaller car. The result: excellent soundstaging, satisfying warmth, and remarkable clarity. An exceptional upgrade. Infinity Reference 6" component speakers #108R6520CX $199.99 New speakers in the doors warmed up the sound immediately. Matt Freeman started writing and editing for CrutchReld in 2000, but has been taking apart anything he can get his hands on for as long as he can remember. 15

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