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AMPLIFIER Power from an external amp is essential for anyone looking to improve the sound. It helps in three ways: audibility, clarity, and physical impact. Aftermarket speakers, which are designed to handle more power, really live up to their potential with an amp. As soon as I powered up the Kappa K5 amp I installed in my trunk, the new speakers roared to life. It was like I'd forgotten what a difference dynamics, definition, and punchi ness make in the car. Immediately, I wondered why I waited so long to upgrade! With a factory stereo, it's typically necessary to tap into the car's speaker wires to get signal to the amp. For me, it was easiest to do this at the stereo harness behind the dash. Pure, propulsive power Sticking with Infinity, I went with a Kappa K5 amp. Three things I love about it: First, even though it has a small footprint, it's built like a tank, and nothing beats solid construction; second, its sound controls - filters, gain, and bass boost - are easy to get to and tweak; and third, the sound it puts out is clean and incredibly strong. Plus, it has a fun sound-tweaking feature (see next page), and even Bluetooth for cars that don't already have it. Infinity Kappa K5 5-channel amp #108K5 $599.99 Learn more about this step at crutchReld.com/MK5 This small box produces a ton of clean power. 16 Hablamos espaol: 1-800-955-9039

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