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4K PIPELINE Samsung KS9500 4K Ultra HD TVs These are among this year's finest 4K TVs. Cutting-edge contrast and color technologies create vibrant images that leap off the screen. 55" #30555S9500 $2499.99 65" #30565S9500 $3699.99 Check our website for the latest price. 4K TV RECEIVER SOURCE N aturally, to enjoy 4K picture quality, you need a 4K TV. But that's only part of the story. If you want the best 4K picture and great sound to go with it, you need to make sure ALL of your equipment is 4K compatible. A weak link in your signal chain can reduce resolution or even interrupt the signal. Hollywood battles piracy Hollywood isn't taking chances on this new ultra-high-quality format being pirated. So, to accommodate 4K playback, your equipment must have the most sophisticated copy protection ever devised for consumer gear. Fortunately, there's lots of 4K-compatible gear out there. This article will show you all the links in the chain required for the ultimate 4K experience. For instance, do you know what HDCP 2.2 is? Keep reading - we'll tell you what you need to know. For the absolute best 4K experience, you'll want a 4K video source and a 4K-compatible home theater receiver (to power surround sound speakers), along with your 4K TV. 19

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