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PRO P.A. PICKS C ory is one of our go-to advisors for pro audio gear. Hes also a working musician here in Charlottesville, VA. His band, Superunknown, gigs regularly in the area. Their P.A. gear of choice? Electro-Voice. EV speakers are the best-selling brand in the business and were proud to now oer them. Take it from a pro: these speakers oer outstanding sound, whether youre just getting started or have years of experience. Excellent value Why did Cory's band choose EV gear in 2013? "The price-to- performance ratio is fantastic," he says. "You get speakers that really hold their own against gear that costs hundreds more." Built to last Pro gear needs to withstand the wear and tear that comes with frequent gigs. "EV's P.A. speakers are built extremely well," Cory says. "My band's cabinets have stood up to constant gigging, loading in and out, and even a few falls - all without a flinch." Which product line? EV's ZLX speakers are great for budding bands or small gigs. Need something bigger and better? "Go with the ELX, or Live X', line," Cory says. These speakers offer more output, so you can play larger rooms and outdoor venues and get plenty of sound." Plus, ELX cabinets are made of wood for more durability. "Trust me," says Cory, "your gear is going to get bumped and bruised. Buy equipment that can take some abuse and still perform." Call for help Want personalized advice from a real musician who's also an expert on the gear? You can talk to Cory yourself. Check out his bio page on our site to call him. Visit crutchReld.com/Cory Entry level: ZLX The ZLX series offers excellent value and portability for newbies or coffeehouse gigs. EV ZLX-12P 12" powered loudspeaker #971ZLX12P $399 each Next level: ELX Band gigging regularly? Step up to enhanced output and durability with the ELX series. EV ELX 112P 12" powered loudspeaker #971ELX112P $549 each Bring the bass Keep your kick drum and bass in the mix with the low-end power of a separate subwoofer. EV ELX 118P 18" powered subwoofer #971ELX118 $749 each Cory's favorite '90s alt-rock songs to cover Somebody to Shove - Soul Asylum StinkRst - Toolcc" Plowed - Sponge Be Quiet and Drive - Deftones from one of our in-house musicians FREE PADDED COVER* Get a free padded cover from EV with purchase of any ZLX or ELX powered speaker. Proof of purchase required. Offer valid through 9/30/16. Thanks to the Ante Room in Charlottesville, VA, for letting us shoot this photo before Cory's gig at their super-cool venue. 26 Free lifetime tech support on everything you buy from us. See crutchReld.com/tech

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