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S o not only did you spring for a boss top-of-the line truck, you've also added some 12-volt toys, including a winch, motorized bed cover, and LED lights. Each of these add-ons requires a control switch, leaving your dash looking a bit crowded. Luckily, Alpine has a convenient solution to ease the clutter - the Truck Accessory Controller for select Alpine Restyle System stereos. This hideaway box integrates control of up to eight of your vehicle add-ons with the touchscreen of a compatible Alpine Restyle stereo. You can set up custom icons and labels for each input, and even adjust how the power flows to them. Powered add-ons include winches, tonneau (bed) covers, side steps, air suspensions, toolbox locks, and light kits. Alpine KAC-001 #500KAC001 $199.99 The KAC-001 is currently only compatible with select Alpine receivers, including the X110-SLV, X110-SRA, and X109-WRA Restyle systems. It also works with the X108U and INE-W927HD digital media receivers, both of which can fit several different vehicles. Alpine Restyle 9" and 10" in-dash receiver systems for trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps Each Alpine Restyle system offers a massive touchscreen receiver with a dash kit that retains the factory look and feel. 9" screen: Ford, GMC/Chevy, Jeep, Ram, Toyota Prices range from $1999.99 $3499.99 10" screen: GMC and Chevrolet trucks $3499.99 See our full selection at crutchReld.com/restyle Total control of your toys Product Spotlight: Alpine truck solutions Alpine's Truck Accessory Controller working here with the 10" display of the X110-SLV Restyle system in a 2014-up Chevrolet Silverado. 28 Find the stereos and custom products that work with your vehicle at crutchReld.com/whatRts

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