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I ts easy to think of dash cameras as useful only for capturing catastrophes; I mean, weve all seen the videos online, right? But the newest dash cams on the market oer some pretty cool features that help keep you safer as youre driving, in addition to being invaluable for determining fault in an incident. An extra set of eyes on the road Take the new Kenwood DRV-410 dash cam. Like most, it's compact, mounts on your windshield, and offers a wide-angle, HD recording of your drives, plus a sensor that automatically saves the segments before, during, and after a hard-braking incident or collision. But it's the cool safety extras that separate this cam from the pack. Like collision avoidance and lane departure warnings that tell you if you're getting too close to a car in front of you, or beginning to drift. It's like having an extra pair of eyes watching the road with you. Kenwood DRV-410 dash cam #113DRV410 $199.99 Get the whole story at crutchReld.com/drv410 The road ahead Product Spotlight: Dash cameras Sometimes even the most fastidious of drivers Rnd themselves drifting out of their lanes. The DRV-410 gives you an audible beep if it happens to you. Its easy to Rnd yourself suddenly too close to the car in front of you, especially on interstates at 70 mph. With the DRV-410, youll get a back o a bit reminder. Theres nothing worse than discovering your bumpers been hit while you were parked, but not knowing who did it. The DRV-410 will spring to life and record if it detects an impact. A mirror with a built-in screen If you're looking for an unobtrusive dash cam, DOD has a solution for you. The super-thin DOD RX400 mirror slips over your existing rear-view mirror and secures with Velcro straps. Its built-in screen lets you review dash cam footage, and can accommodate an optional wired rear-view camera for extra safety when you're backing up. DOD RX400W mirror/dash cam #984RX400W $259.99 A "hidden" dash cam with neat extras The PAPAGO GoSafe clips onto the back of most rear-view mirrors, keeping your windshield clutter-free. Extras include Parking Guard in case of bumps in the lot, a Stop & Go alert that beeps when traffic in a jam starts moving again, and a daytime Stop Sign Recognition that tells you when it sees a stop sign coming up. PAPAGO GoSafe 381 #974GS3818G $159.99 29

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