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NO NOISE, NO WIRES, ALL BOSE Travel-friendly design, relaxed Rt Unboxing the QC 35 headphones gave me the same vibe as opening a nice new pair of shoes. The packaging is neat but no frills - the gear is the star here. A padded zippered carrying case served as the last barrier between me and the QC 35 headphones, folded into a portable bundle. Comfort may be the most important headphone trait, especially if you wear them for long periods of time. The QC 35 felt barely there. Extra- soft earpads made slipping on these headphones like sinking into a first-class airline seat. The well-cushioned earcups and headband softly rested in all the right places, avoiding pressure points. No wires! HANDS-ON WITH THE BOSE QUIETCOMFORT 35 WIRELESS HEADPHONES BY JEFF MILLER P eople used to ask me, Are there any wireless headphones that oer noise cancellation on par with Bose? After spending a few days with the new Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones, I can deRnitively say: there are now. These are the Rrst Bose noise-cancelling headphones to play music wirelessly from your phone via Bluetooth . 34 Chat live with one of our experts crutchReld.com/chat

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