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S martphones make our lives easier in all sorts of ways, but theyre not always safe or efficient to use when youre behind the wheel. An in-dash GPS receiver not only provides directions on a large touchscreen display, its much more reliable than depending on your phones reception for guidance. And many receivers can incorporate your favorite apps and phone functions safely, making it easier to maintain your routine while keeping your eyes on the road. Give your eyes a break Phones might be getting bigger, but they've got a long way to go before they catch up with in-dash receiver screens, which start at over six inches and go all the way up to ten. With so much real estate, you'll see everything with much more detail, and you're much less likely to hit the wrong thing on the screen while trying to find a location with your fingertip. Helpful display features A larger screen allows receivers to go into a split-screen mode when you're approaching complicated intersections - you'll see a route overview on one side, while a detailed view of the junction on the other helps you follow the correct lane more easily. With many receivers, you'll see 3D renderings of buildings and terrain on the screen to help get your bearings. And detailed traffic alerts can pop up on the screen to let you know when there's congestion along your route, and how long the delay might be. Find the navigation receivers that Rt your vehicle at crutchReld.com/navigation See where you're going on a BY DOMINIC DEVITO BIG SCREEN 36 Get deeply discounted installation gear when you buy any car stereo. See crutchReld.com/carDIY

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