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BY JEFF MILLER Pick a room, any room... AND ADD MUSIC WITH DENON HEOS P laying music wirelessly from your phone through a Denon HEOS speaker? Pretty cool. Playing a whole house full of them? Now thats really something. The HEOS lineup includes several sizes of speakers and components that all connect to your Wi-Fi network. You control them all with a free app for your phone or tablet. The app oers a ton of music options, including high-resolution streaming ( future Rrmware update required for high-res playback with the HEOS HomeCinema ). HEOS has earned rave reviews for sound quality, quick setup, and ease of use. And theres a sound solution for every room. To show the possibilities, weve matched three HEOS components to dierent areas of the house. SAVE $50 *Offers valid through 8/18/16 Compact speaker for the kitchen We thought the nimble HEOS 1 would be a good choice for the kitchen. It's humidity resistant and takes up very little counter space. Plus, built-in Bluetooth lets you stream any audio from your phone - even YouTube . Available in black and white . Denon HEOS 1 #033HEOS12B $199.99 Sale $149.99* Control the whole house with your thumb Download the free HEOS app for Apple , Android, or Kindle to set up your system and control each room. It lets you play songs from your music library or from top music services like Pandora , Spotify , TIDAL, SoundCloud, and SiriusXM. You can set different vibes for different rooms, or have the same playlist rock the whole house . 38 Need a hand deciding? 1-800-555-8151

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