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ADVISOR PICKS: BY JOSHUA CRANE SOUND BARS T he latest TV technology has made picture quality better than ever. 4K Ultra HD video is stunning. But theres one part of todays televisions that hasnt improved: the sound quality. The tiny, quarter- sized speakers inside a Sat-panel TV cant match the vivid display. Sound bars are a great solution to this problem. Need a place to start? We asked three of our advisors to pick their favorites. Here are their choices for adding clearer dialogue, immersive sound eects, and even music playback to your TV setup. Legendary MartinLogan quality I personally own the original MartinLogan Motion Vision sound bar. I bought it because of its audiophile performance and impressive bass response without needing a subwoofer. This is a perfect sound bar for the smaller TV room we have. There are times when our downstairs tenant comes up to make sure everything is OK because of explosions on the show we're watching." MartinLogan Motion Vision X #839MVX $1699.99 - BRIT - ZIGGY Room-Rlling sound with easy expansion I needed a home theater solution for my small rental home, but I still wanted high-quality performance. The Sonos PLAYBAR absolutely gives me that. Plus I can stream my entire music library from the Sonos app on my phone. I can even get incredible surround sound by adding a couple of Sonos PLAY:1 speakers and the Sonos SUB and pairing them with the PLAYBAR." Sonos PLAYBAR #616PLAYBAR $699 I can stream my entire music library." Audiophile performance and impressive bass response." crutchReld.com/ziggy crutchReld.com/brit 40 Call us for one-on-one help 1-800-555-8151

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