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BY DAVID DELAMERE An overdue sound upgrade THE FAMILY TRANSPORT GETS A NEW SYSTEM M y colleague Dave had had enough of the factory system in his 2002 Toyota Highlander. He's an editor for CrutchReld who concentrates on articles dealing with our home audio and video products, which means he's been exposed to some of the best home audio gear in the business - but his car audio system wasn't even close to the same standards. So Dave decided it was way past time to upgrade the gear in his family vehicle. Why a new system? I'll let Dave set the stage for his project: "My wife and I have only had our Highlander for a few years. Once I started driving it, I knew something had to be done about the stereo. I spend a lot of time in the car - I drive back and forth to work, I coach two youth soccer teams, and my kids always have one event after another. Plus we live out in the country, so there isn't much that's close. There was no way to connect my iPhone in the vehicle except with an adapter for the tape deck. Yikes! I knew I wanted Bluetooth , iPhone charging, a disc player, and better sound." A great DIY project Just like many of our customers, Dave had some concerns about the installation. He'd replaced a car stereo once before, so he knew that part wouldn't be too tricky. But he hadn't worked on speakers, and removing door panels seemed a little scary. So he made sure to prepare. "Before the installation, I checked out the Crutchfield MasterSheet instructions to see what was involved for my vehicle. What a cool service - I'd be lost without them. They're great at reassuring the beginner that, yes, this can be done, and yes, you can do it yourself." Unboxing a new piece of audio gear is always exciting. Dave couldn't wait to get that stereo and speakers in his car. But there was work to be done Rrst. 42 Have questions? Email us for answers: advisors@crutchReld.com

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