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INSTALLING THE SHINY NEW ONE Dave gets the radio wired and mounted "The trickiest thing about installing the new stereo was matching up all the wires for the stereo and bypass harness (more on that below). And that wasn't very difficult at all. I really anticipated this whole installation process being more difficult than it actually was." "The kit wasn't much more than two small brackets that screwed into the existing Toyota brackets." "The directions for the stereo and the harness made it easy to match the corresponding wires. The Posi connectors secured the wires quickly." "Once the brackets were in place, I screwed the climate control panel and the trim back into the brackets." Start "Then, I ran the harness under the door threshold trim. It Rt neatly into the channel underneath." "Running the bypass wire sounded complicated, but it wasn't. I fed the bundle through the dash opening and behind the glove box." "Once the wire was run, I simply plugged the connector from the factory amp into the bypass connector. Easy!" "I couldn't wait to use Bluetooth. I placed the microphone on top of the steering wheel column." "After plugging the bypass harness, mic, and antenna in, I bolted the radio back in place for a sound check." "With my sound check complete, I reinstalled the dash trim panel, which Rt neatly around the JVC radio." To bypass or not to bypass Many vehicles like Dave's include a factory amplifier, which is usually part of an upgraded factory audio system. In these situations, Crutchfield often offers two wiring solutions for a new radio - one that uses the factory amplifier and one that bypasses it. A factory amp may not only be limited by its power output, but also can include some filters that are tuned for the factory radio and speakers. These filters may not work well with a new radio and speakers. We usually recommend bypassing the factory amp for sending a pure, unprocessed signal to your speakers. If there's no harness For some vehicles, we may not have a bypass harness available. But if your factory amp offers standard speaker outputs, you can splice in a speaker wire bundle like this to bypass your amp. EFX 20' 9-wire bundle #1429WC1820 $29.99 FACTORY AMP BYPASS HARNESS PLUG FACTORY AMP PLUG An opportunity for a listening test Dave's installation gave us a chance to test both the integration and bypass methods. We set up temporary wiring that safely let us swap between the integration and bypass harnesses, so we could hear the results for each. Dave expresses what we all heard "At first, I wanted to incorporate the existing factory amplifier. I assumed that would provide more power and better sound to the new speakers, plus it seemed easier to install. We decided to try this method first. "With the integration adapter, the soundstage felt lifted up, and the overall sound delivered more details. However, when we hooked up the bypass adapter, I said 'Ah, there's the missing bass.' There had been a distinct lack of low end with the integration adapter. The bypass option also made the mid- and high-frequency sound much smoother and more natural. I was shocked at how much difference using the JVC stereo's power made." 44 Free lifetime tech support on everything you buy from us. See crutchReld.com/tech

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