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COMPLETING HIS SOUND CrutchRelds tech support helped with questions on speaker wiring, proving much more handy and helpful than searching endless car forums for the answers. Because of his willingess to be featured in this article, Dave received his gear courtesy of JVC. Getting the plastic molding around the door handle was a little tricky, but the MasterSheet instructions showed me exactly how to do it. I fashioned a makeshift mount for the new tweeters from universal backstraps (item #120BKSTRAP at $0.99). It took a little time to pop the door panels o. But once I understood how the Rrst one came o, the other three went pretty quickly. Once I had the wiring connected to the new woofers and rear speakers, I just screwed them into the factory bracket. Dave installed speakers in all locations I'll admit - the speakers were a little more complicated and intimidating than the radio. I was a little apprehensive about prying off entire door panels. Also, the front speakers have a separate tweeter, so we had to figure out how the car was wired for them." Start I can just hop in my car and pick up my music where it left off all with no cables. Why did I wait this long to upgrade?" Dave, CrutchReld Home A/V Editor Go to crutchReld.com/whatRts to see which speakers Rt your car. For 14-year-olds, the factory speakers werent in bad shape. But in terms of construction, power, and overall sound, they were no match for the JVC component woofers (top). New speakers revitalize the sound A new stereo can improve a system's sound, but Dave knew that unlike high-quality home speakers, car speakers often do not improve with age. So it seemed logical to change the Toyota speakers as well. Dave asked for some recommendations on speakers that would work with his new stereo and fit in the door locations. Dave's Highlander had separate woofers and tweeters in the front doors, so the natural choice was to stay with the same setup for the new speakers. These efficient JVC component speakers worked nicely with the JVC stereo's power. JVC CS-DR1700C 6" component speakers #105CSDR700 $99.99 We recommended that Dave stay with the same series of speakers for the rear locations to retain sonic consistency. JVC CS-DR1720 6" 2-way speakers #105CSDR720 $49.99 Savings on speaker gear Speaker wiring harnesses and vehicle- specific mounting brackets, if available, are also deeply discounted when you buy a new set of speakers from us. SAVE 50% WITH RECEIVER* *Buy the JVC KW-R925BTS receiver and get 50% off one or two pairs of JVC speakers. Offer good through 8/30/16.

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