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B A C Where can it Rt? A. Behind the seat in a pickup Small subwoofers like the Memphis Nanoboxx, which is only about 2" tall, fit easily behind the seat in pickups - even in small-sized ones. B. Under a passenger seat Most compact powered subwoofers are designed to lie flat under a seat and still deliver bass that fills the whole interior. C. In the hatchback area Some cars have a hard-to-get-to, awkward-sized area in the rear that a compact sub would love to call home, where it could entertain you with its rich bass sounds. A tiny box...with a big woofer Although the Nanoboxx Bass System's smaller than its name, its large-scale output will supply all the bass that's missing from your music. A 150-watt Class-D amp powers a 10" sub - a cone size almost unheard of in a system this small - and the two are perfectly matched for performance and efficiency. A rugged, anodized extruded-alum- inum enclosure protects the sub and amp, while a passive radiator rein forces the low end. High- and low-level inputs let you hook the Nanoboxx up to almost any system. Memphis Nanoboxx Bass System #95315SA110 $399.99 You'll need wiring, too Most powered subs don't come with wiring. An economical solution is a kit, like this one from EFX. EFX 10-gauge kit #142PA10BX $24.99 $18.74 when you buy it with a compatible powered sub - save 25% Buck Pomerantz has been at CrutchReld writing about improving the sound in cars for over ten years. 47

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