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A bigger sweet spot Unique midbass drivers ensure well-defined sound throughout your room. They also deliver deeper, more accurate midbass thanks to Definitive's high-excursion design. A little extra bass help Dual passive radiators enhance bass response, so you can be sure these speakers deliver the deepest lows with power and authority. Only available on the BP-9040 and '9060. Th e bipolar edge A rear-facing driver array adds more spaciousness to these speakers' sound. And you can put the speakers as close as four inches to your wall, for placement flexibility. Built-in powered subwoofer Two subs are better than one - especially when they're built into your front speakers. Each driver ensures slammin' bass response throughout your room. Add Dolby Atmos Want to add overhead effects? Definitive's A90 add-on modules are a perfect fit for all three floor- standing models. They'll feature upward-firing drivers and take this tall tower's performance even higher. Sold separately. Definitive Technology A90 add-on Dolby Atmos enabled speakers #735A90 $499.99 pair Connections and control That extra set of binding posts is for the optional Atmos modules, which keeps wires tidy. Dial in the perfect bass for your taste with the subwoofer control knob. Stable footing The new cast aluminum base keeps the speaker upright and up off the floor for precise imaging. It has spikes for carpeted rooms and rubber glides for hardwood floors. BASS IMPROVEMENTS When Definitive brought the BP-9060 speakers to Crutchfield HQ for a demo, they weren't shy about showing off the improvements they've made. They put them up against the previous model, the BP-8060, for an A/B listening test. The differences were striking. The biggest difference we noticed was in the bass response. It's much deeper and tighter thanks to Definitive's new Intelligent Bass Control. Plus, the built-in subs blended more smoothly with the midrange, so they don't muddy the vocals and other midrange sounds. The result was a much more accurate, dynamic performance. Best-of-both-worlds tweeter The 1" aluminum dome tweeter offers outstanding high-frequency extension, while the silk surround ensures smooth sound. This frequency response graph shows how the new BP-9060 (green) uses DeRnitive's Intelligent Bass Control to deliver more powerful, accurate bass than the '8060. Notice the Satter response and higher amplitude on the left side of the graph, which represents the low frequencies. Cutaway view of the BP-9040 Soor-standing speaker with optional A90 Atmos module. 49

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