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Morel car speakers CUTTING EDGE BY ALEXANDER HRABE One-piece woofer cone : Most cones are made of a cone and dust cap bound by an adhesive. Vibration, extreme temperatures, and time can break that bond and cause failure. Morel's unified structure ensures a long life of high performance in your car. Advances in component sound Look for these groundbreaking technologies in the following component series: Virtus Series (voice coil technology only) Prices start at $499.99 Hybrid Series Prices start at $679.99 Elate Titanium Series Prices start at $1499.99 38 Limited Edition Series Prices start at $2999.99 Supremo 602 component system #210SUPR602 $5499.99 External Voice Coil (EVC) : Morel engineers have relocated the speaker magnet within the light weight, aluminum voice coil for a compact design that's energy-dense. This voice coil harnesses as much magnetic energy as possible so more power is devoted to making better sound. W e're thrilled to welcome Morel car speakers into our car audio lineup. Decades of thoughtful design and construction have made Morel masters of sonic innovation. What you'll discover with their speakers in your vehicle is sound that comes startlingly close to the live experience. Let's take a closer look to explore some of the technology that makes them sound so "live"-like. 50 Find the speakers that Rt in your vehicle at crutchReld.com/whatRts

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