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CrutchReld vet Alexander Hrabe drives a 2012 Volkswagen and thanks to Morel, there's Rnally a 3-way component system that Rts his car. Check out all Morel speakers and subs at crutchReld.com/morel The impossible made possible From dreaming up custom installations to facing down factory locations in classic cars, mounting depth can dash your plans in a jiff. But Morel's Virtus Nano 2- and 3-way component systems boast a woofer with a mounting depth of under one inch. Virtus Nano Series Prices start at $499.99 Nano woofer : You wouldn't think a woofer that measures 11 / 16 " deep could deliver low frequencies so substantially, but that's exactly what this one does. True to form, Morel's engineering team tested and improved upon the Virtus Nano component system until it exceeded their exceptional sonic standards. Integra design : Morel improves on traditional coaxial speakers by integrating the tweeter with the woofer rather than mounting the tweeter on a pole in the woofer cone. These more efficiently aligned drivers reduce phase problems and give you a wider dispersion of high frequencies, even when you're listening off-axis, which you probably will be. Don't call it a co-ax You'll find Integra technology in these 2-way speaker series: Tempo Ultra Integra Series Prices start at $249.99 Hybrid Integra Series Prices start at $529.99 51

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