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I'm always impressed by the consistently great design and sound from Polk." Matt, CrutchReld Car A/V Editor 1 Awesome musical detail in the car We can safely say that our customers love Polk Audio DB+ Series speakers. And that's largely due to the breathtaking amount of musical detail these speakers deliver. This is thanks to Polk's legendary laser-imaging in the design phase. It's how Polk engineers ensure that DB cone movement dramatically reduces the threat of distortion. All that's left: thrilling accuracy and sweet, sweet sound. Polk Audio DB+ car speakers Prices range from $69.99 $169.99 pair Learn more at crutchReld.com/PDBplus 2 A truckload of bass Drivers of standard pickups often get cheated out of satisfying bass in their sound systems because there just isn't room for a full subwoofer and enclosure. But thanks to Kicker, that doesn't have to be the case. This slim, wedge-style enclosure hosts a 10" sub that provides all the attendant thump you could want with your music. The clever side port helps it add some oomph yet still play with musical accuracy. Kicker 40TCWS102 ported truck enclosure with 10" CompS sub #206TCWS102 $149.99 Get the details at crutchReld.com/40tcw 3 GPS goes o road For too long, off-road enthusiasts have been neglected by makers of GPS navigators. But now, thanks to Magellan, owners of 4X4s, ATVs, and side-by-sides can get off road and still reap the benefits normally reserved for cities, towns, highways, and back roads. The eXplorist TRX7 navigator features a generous 7" display, tons of preloaded off-roading trail maps, 3D basemap views, and crowdsourced tracks that let you really get out and explore. Magellan eXplorist TRX7 off-road navigator #360TRX7 $649.99 Learn all about it at crutchReld.com/trx7 2 3 This is What's Hot 6 Chat live with one of our experts crutchReld.com/chat

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