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6 4 FREE AMP WIRING KIT 5 4 Great receivers that Rt most any dashboard Whether you choose the 2" tall Clarion CZ505 (top) or the 4" tall CX505 CD receiver, you'll get a list of features that reads like a what's what of car A/V: a built-in HD Radio tuner, great- sounding Bluetooth with aptX , Pandora smartphone app controls, front USB and AUX inputs, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio compat- ibility. That's pretty much everything you need to stay entertained on the road. Clarion CZ505 CD receiver #020CZ505 $199.99 Price Break $169.99 Clarion CX505 CD receiver #020CX505 $199.99 Price Break $149.99 Learn more at crutchReld.com/ClarionC 5 Massive impact from a miniature amp The super-compact Pioneer PRS-D800 is about one thing, and one thing only: power. Small enough to fit in really tight spots in your car, it sends up to 125 watts RMS to your full-range speakers, or 300 watts to your subwoofer. There are no filters or boosts to distract this little guy from its one job, and it's packed with a host of innovative technologies like Total Vibration Control and custom-built capacitors to keep it from distorting, even when you're driving it pretty hard. And at just 10" long and 4" wide, it really will sneak into your car or truck just about anywhere. Pioneer PRS-D800 compact 2-channel amp #130PRSD800 $299.99 Free wiring kit when you buy the PRS-D800 Get the full scoop on this amp at crutchReld.com/prsd 6 Keep accurate track of your Rtness Keeping fit is serious business (we know; we've got some impressively fit people here at Crutchfield HQ), which means you need a serious fitness tool to keep up. Enter the Garmin vvosmart HR+. It features built-in GPS to keep accurate track of your pace and distance when you're running or walking. It'll also record the number of floors climbed, calories burned, and the intensity of your daily workouts. Plus, it's water-resistant, so you can keep it on when you do laps in the pool. And it's great for analytics - when you're done with your workouts, you can upload your stats to Garmin Connect to help make sure you're hitting your goals, and even enter into friendly competition with other Garmin Connect users. Garmin vvosmart HR+ activity tracker #150VSHRPB $219.99 See everything this activity tracker can do at crutchReld.com/vivoHR SAVE UP TO $50 7

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