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i A i Innovative design for sublime sound When it comes to component speakers, Infinity Kappas don't necessarily do anything different than the rest - they just do it better than most. Take their " tweeters. Not only do they handle the highest notes without sound- ing harsh, they feature a unique "edge-driven" design that lets them play a little lower in the frequency spectrum. This makes for a better blend with the output of the woofers for a soundstage that sits nice and high on your dash, and a vivid, natural stereo image. Infinity Kappa 60.11cs 6" component speaker system #1086011CS $349.99 Price break $279.99 Get the scoop at crutchReld.com/k6011 i B i A powerful amp, and a hassle-free setup Kicker's KX Series amps offer a mix of perfor- mance and ease of use that we just love. These compact marvels deliver the power that'll help your speakers and subs sing; but even cooler is how they take the trickiest part of setting up an amp - setting the gain properly - and make it easy. You simply play test tones that you can download from Kicker's website, then turn up the gain until the knob glows red; bump it back down until it stops glowing, and you're all set. You'll get spectacular sound without fuss, guesswork, or uncertainty. And the process is quick, meaning you get more time to enjoy your perfectly amplified tunes. Kicker 44KXA400.4 50W x 4 channel amplifier (pictured) #206KXA4004 $299.99 Kicker 44KXA400.1 400W mono subwoofer amplifier #206KXA4001 $299.99 Learn more at crutchReld.com/kx i C i A 2-way cam system The PAPAGO GoSafe 760 lets you monitor what's in front of and behind you at the same time. You get a dash cam with suction cup mount, and a rear-view cam with a sticker mount; pop it in back to use as a baby monitor, or attach it to the rear window to keep an eye on things behind you. Split-screen mode displays the front and rear feeds at the same time. You also get features like a Stop & Go alert; it lets you know if the car in front of you has begun to move after an extended stop. During the day, Stop Sign Recognition offers a little extra help. And for a limited time, you'll also get a free PAPAGO add-on tire monitoring system that'll display tire pressure on the GoSafe's LCD for extra peace of mind. PAPAGO GoSafe 760 dash cam system #974GS76032 $249.99 Plus get a free TireSafe D10E tire pressure monitoring system - a $139.99 value Offer good through 8/17/2017 Find full details at crutchReld.com/gs760 This is What's Hot B C A 4 Get advice from one of our experts 1-800-555-8151

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