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High-end performers Memphis' M6 subwoofers bring high power as well as high-quality sound into your world. The M6's massive construction and power- handling abilities let you bang out clean bass at competition levels. MClass components and coaxial speakers, meanwhile, reproduce sound very accurately, showing off your music's fine details and emotional impact. 4. Memphis M6 subwoofers Prices range from $339.99 - $359.99 Memphis MClass speakers Prices range from $129.99 - $269.99 pair Gateways to the Memphis sound Whether you're putting in your first system or just adding a little extra bump to your sound, Memphis Street Reference gear gives you great performance at a great value. Highly efficient Street Reference speakers play well together even with factory radios. Tough, compact Street Reference subwoofers simply play bass loud. And Street Reference amplifiers feature all the tuning control and power you need for your upgraded sound enjoyment 5. Memphis Street Reference amplifiers Prices range from $139.99 - $299.99 6. Memphis Street Reference subwoofers Prices range from $74.99 - $84.99 7. Memphis Street Reference speakers Prices range from $19.99 - $79.99 pair Check out our complete selection of Memphis gear, including powersports products, at 5 6 7

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