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BY DAVE BAR N othing beats the start of spring. When the weather warms up, you can Rnally get outdoors and enjoy your yard, deck, porch, or patio. Outdoor speakers are a great way to bring your music with you. Year-round durability Outdoor speakers are specially designed to withstand the elements. You can leave them out all year thanks to ultra-rugged construction that can handle blistering sun, heavy rains, and intense cold. These tough speakers are also built to flood large areas with sound, whether it's an expansive deck or poolside seating. There are multiple options for your preferred placement - from freestanding models for patios or garden beds, to mountable options for under the eaves of your home's exterior. Many have built-in mounting brackets, so you can angle the speaker for the best possible sound. Got power? Need help choosing a receiver or amplifier to power outdoor speakers? Check out pages 32 and 38 for options, or call us for one-on-one help. Perennial customer favorite Rugged all-weather construction and powerful sound make the AW6500 a five-star customer favorite. The included brackets allow 360-degree movement. Available in black and white. Definitive Technology AW6500 outdoor speaker #735AW6500W $249.50 each Sale $199.50 each Sale price valid through 5/30/16 At home in the garden with Polk Audio The Sat30 satellite speakers in Polk Audio's Atrium garden system (above) can be wall-mounted, suspended, or staked in-ground. The included Sub10 subwoofer adds rich bass to your favorite tunes, while doubling inconspicuously as a stand for a potted plant. Its terracotta finish will look right at home outside. Polk Audio Atrium garden speaker system #107ATRGSS $599.99 Klipsch sound outdoors With their high-efficiency design and famous horn-loaded tweeters, these Klipsch speakers will put a concert on your patio. A lifetime warranty ensures your investment will be protected. Available in black and white. Klipsch AW-650 outdoor speakers #714AW650B $549.99 pair Sale $399.99 pair Sale price valid through 3/31/16 BIG SOUND IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS See our full selection of outdoor speakers at SAVE $150 PER PAIR SAVE $100 PER PAIR 12 Need a hand deciding? 1-800-555-8211

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